Iori Wakasa (BLAFMA / Frabon Recordings / Darek Recordings / Plus Records)


Iori Waksa DJ Live Mix "Condence" by Iori Wakasa

On top of the ability to read and respond to the audience's every reaction, Iori fascinates the crowd with techniques known to no other such as juggling three records and precisive equalizing of long tracks longer than 10 minutes. A seemingly paradoxical interplay between "chaos" and "refinement", the world that Iori devises will make you feel more at home than anywhere else.
While basing his mixes on Techhouse and Deephouse, Iori blends in a wide range of sounds from Jazz, Tribal, Dub, Abstract, Chicago, Minimal, Detroit, Deep, Chill Out, Break beats, to Ambient. After debuting in late 2005, Iori rapidly developed his career not only by increasing numbers of gigs but also by expanding his sphere geographically - performing at various clubs and events.
Iori currently mixes as resident DJ alongside DJs Rama and Cashy at BLAFMA@Clubasia: an indoor rave party that boasts over 5000 people every year, popular because of live acts and quality DJs of diverse genres. PURE@Rockwest, PROVOKE@Air, KEY@Air, DUALISM@Amate-raxi, and crowd-pleasing parties held at clubs such as Nakameguro Solfa are also monthly events where Iori regularly DJs. As of December 2010, Iori also spins at MOVE AFTERHOURS@Amate-raxi, an innovative afterhours party striving for a “deeper” cutting-edge sound.
Although centered mainly in Tokyo, mixing at clubs such as Ageha, Womb, WAREHOUSE702, LA FABRIQUE, SALOON, LOOP, Iori frequently makes his way to out of prefecture areas such as Kanagawa and Osaka. In addition he performs at over 20 outdoor rave parties a year, a proof of his agility and flexibility to skillfully DJ in any environment, as well as his vitality and enthusiasm in developing his career as a DJ. Over 120 gigs in 2009 and an impressive 160 gigs in 2010 is in no way an easy feat, but Iori is just that passionate about DJing, he will rarely ever turn down an invitation to perform.
Not only is Iori making a name locally but internationally as well. In November of 2009, Iori was invited to spin at M BAR GO, Bali’s largest and most famous club house. In 2010, Iori spent about a month touring Europe, DJing at 5 different cities for 6 main gigs. Performing with artists such as Sis, Kollektiv Termstrasse, Format:B, and Moon Butica, Iori pumped up the more than 1000 crowd of people at the 27th anniversary of club Airport in Frankfurt, Germany. Next in March 2011, Iori will be touring Southeast Asia.
For the Atjazz(Martin Iveson) Podcast Mix Data Contest in 2010, Iori’s live mix “Contrast of Deep” was elected out of countless number of first-rate mixes, thus being made accessible to listeners worldwide. After his first track release with Shin Nishimura’s Plus Records, Iori has also worked with Darek Recordings, Switzerland. In 2011, Iori will release a Single EP under Italy’s Frabon Recordings, and hopes to release much more.
So far Iori has performed with Chateau Flight, Ame, Ben Watt, Sis, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, FranckRoger, Atjazz, Basti Grub, Robert Dietz, Format:B, Till Von Sein, Franco Bianco, Satoshi Fumi, Tha Blue Herb, Anthony Rother, Rennie Foster, Leo Grumbox, Cesar Merveille, and others. Despite having varied styles, Iori has succeeded in working with such various artists in creating a unified atmosphere for lovers of deep music. He will continue to lure his audience into the world that he creates.
Let’s keep our eyes and ears on this new brightest star from Tokyo.


DJs : BRUCE / Unjin / Iori Wakasa / Bagagee=Viphex13 / DJ I


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Arco12 x BEN "Artist Series" Kingdom of Top DJs : Bagagee=Viphex13 New EP <Total Recall> Release Party with DJ UJN / Unjin / Flamenco 2011.03.12 BEN @ Blue Spirit 형 피 리 형 이 기똥찬 작명센스로 파티 만들어주고 오지도 않았던 ...